Discover the exciting new rebranding initiative of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) in this captivating video. With over a century of leadership in the transportation industry, AASHTO offers its members an extensive range of products and services.

Previously, AASHTO’s technical service programs (TSPs) operated individually, but now they have transformed remarkably to align with the overarching AASHTO brand. Through collaboration with TSPs, AASHTO leadership, and branding experts, we have created new program names and logos that seamlessly connect to AASHTO.

These visually striking logos not only reinforce the AASHTO identity but also celebrate the unique focus of each TSP, ensuring clarity and cohesiveness. The TSPs are now conveniently categorized into three groups: Guidelines, Management and Solutions.

Experience the power of unified branding as AASHTO’s TSPs gain increased recognition, utilization, and growth. To learn more about each technical service program and how to get involved, visit

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