AASHTO Transportation’s Earth Day Series: Recycling, Transportation and You


In recognition of the Earth Day’s 50th anniversary, AASHTO Transportation TV is releasing a two part series entitled Recycling, Transportation and You. Recycling is up to all of us and we can always do more. In this series you’ll learn how State departments of transportation play a major role in recycling asphalt pavement, long considered to be the most recycled product in America.

And thousands of used tires are also recycled each year. Instead of being dumped into landfills the tires are broken into small chunks and reused to make new asphalt pavement. And what about you?  Did you know that the average American throws away roughly five pounds of garbage each day?  That adds up to 139 million tons of trash dumped into landfills every year. Watch the series to find out how you can recycle and help bring that number down.

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