AASHTO TTV News Update. Coverage of 2022, TRB Annual Meeting: Partnering to Deliver the IIJA

AASHTO Vice President for 2021-2022, Roger Millar, Secretary of the Washington State DOT, led a chief executive roundtable entitled “Partnering to Deliver Public Benefits of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.” Millar described the IIJA as “hugely important,” adding that “while there have been past authorizations, they have not kept pace with the cost of construction.” However, this time, Millar said, “the federal government has jumped in, in a big way, providing some policy guidance and a significant boost in funding.“ Millar and panelists, Utah State Senator (R), Wayne Harper, Everett Lott, Director of the District of Columbia DOT, Victoria Sheehan, Secretary, New Hampshire DOT, and Lorie Tudor, director of the Arkansas DOT, discussed the importance of building partnerships to implement the IIJA successfully.

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