Infrastructure Week 2018: “The State of Highway Investment: Plans, Promises and Predictions.”

​In recognition of Infrastructure Week 2018, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials and the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association conducted on Tuesday, May 15, a live webcast titled: “The State of Highway Investment: Plans, Promises, and Predictions.” Experts–Jim Tymon, AASHTO Chief Operating Officer/Director of Policy and Management; Pat Jones, IBTTA Executive Director & CEO; and Weifeng Zhong, Research Fellow, Economic Policy Studies at the American Enterprise Institute discussed current trends and future plans for federal, state and local investment in surface transportation. The topics included the pending Highway Trust Fund crisis. According to new federal data, the Highway Trust Fund which supports Federal highway and transit programs will become insolvent by the year 2021, if Congress fails to act. Use the outline below to scan the broadcast timeline and visit the AASHTO website at or the IBTTA website at for more information.

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