Responding to COVID-19: State DOTs Videos from the Frontlines

This Transportation TV video series entitled State DOTs Respond to Coronavirus: A Video Diary is presenting videos created by state departments of transportation to highlight what they’re doing to help stop the spread of COVID-19 or coronavirus. This episode features Indiana Department of Transportation Commissioner Joe McGuinness speaking directly to fellow Hoosiers, letting them know his department cares about them and their loved ones and that they are all in this together.

In this video McGuinness explains how INDOT is taking intentional steps to ensure that Indiana highways remain open for essential travel and the transport of critical supplies to every corner of the state and the country. INDOT has created an emergency permitting program for oversize and overweight trucks responding to the COVID-19 crisis, waived service hour restrictions for commercial truck drivers, and it is keeping all rest areas open with increased cleaning to support motorists in essential travel.

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