Take a Ride on Utah DOT’s Autonomous Shuttle

The Utah Department of Transportation is conducting a 12 month pilot program to test the use of autonomous shuttles at various locations throughout the state. The electric shuttles don’t have a driver’s seat, steering wheel or a brake pedal.

Transportation TV jumped on a UDOT shuttle at AASHTO’s Spring Meeting, in Park City, where we met Chris Siavrakas the technology project manager for UDOT. Siavrakas says UDOT has partnered with the Utah Transit Authority—to among other things, examine how shuttles can be used to connect train and bus commuters to their cars and other transportation modes. UDOT is collecting data on how the shuttles operate in all types of conditions. Meanwhile passengers are being asked to fill out surveys on electronic tablets designed to catalogue their shuttle experience. All of the data will be used as part of a comprehensive report on the lessons learned from the deployment.


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