New ‘On Time with Tymon’ Discusses the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

In the latest episode of the “On Time with Tymon” video series, Jim Tymon – executive director of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials – discusses the Senate’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. By a vote of 69 to 30, the Senate passed the $1.2 trillion legislative package on August 10. Now the House of Representatives is working on the bill. In this video, Tymon explains that this proposed legislation “provides a once in a generation opportunity to modernize and transform our nation’s multimodal transportation system,” creating “jobs and opportunities” for businesses of all sizes. “Those improvements ensure the nation’s highways, bridges, our rail systems, our transit systems, and our bike and pedestrian infrastructure remain in a state of good repair,” he added. Tymon also discusses how the Senate passed this historic bill and what he hopes will now happen with this legislation in the House.

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