New On Time with Tymon Addresses Urgent Need for State DOT Emergency Funding


As Congress works to reach a bipartisan agreement on providing billions of dollars in additional COVID-19 pandemic relief, Jim Tymon – executive director of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials – highlighted the urgent need to provide state departments of transportation with emergency funding.

In a new video in his ongoing On Time with Tymon series, viewers will learn how COVID-19 “stay-at-home” orders in some states resulted in 50 to 60 percent declines in motor vehicle travel during the height of the pandemic. This sudden drop caused severe losses in motor fuel tax revenues and other fees, which state transportation programs depend on for funding. “Without those funds, state DOTs have had no choice but to furlough workers and delay or cancel nearly $10 billion in essential transportation projects,” Tymon said. “Those project delays will continue unless Congress intervenes. We’re talking about projects that improve roads, bridges, and other infrastructure. Congress has to get this done.” Learn more about what’s at stake by visiting

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